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Easy, intuitive and powerful all in one tool - you can't go wrong with Social Studio FX!

Social Studio FX saves me so much time and the results are very professional. If you manage many social media accounts as I do, you will appreciate the ability to update header images, post pic's, and every other type of graphic you need all at one sitting, with the same look and feel for consistent branding. Before Social Studio FX, i had to print out and refer to a chart that provided all the ever-changing dimensions for every type of graphic you could possibly need. Easy, intuitive and powerful all in one tool - you can't go wrong with Social Studio FX!

One Place to Brand Yourself Across Multiple Sites and Platforms!

Social Studio FX is amazingly easy to use, its intuitive interface is laid out to support your efforts at creating great graphics. The amount of features available makes this the only tool I use for creating graphics. I love the transparency and rotation aspects to give the graphic more oomph and to stand out from all the other graphic noise on the internet these days. Also having in the cloud and the ability to download makes it very versatile for me, as I often tie themes together on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and then in personal emails. If you're on the fence about purchasing, don't hesitate this is one product you will love.

Eye Catching Artwork Gives a Great Start to Any Social Campaign

I enjoy using Social Studio FX as there are so many different niche templates available for eight social networks. You are simply spoiled for choice. Even better for me as I can use the web templates for my affiliate program. Making it really professional and eye catching. A great way to engage new prospects.

My Social Studio FX review

I love Social Studio FX because this platform uses a drag & drop feature that absolutely needs no prior training or design skills. The approach makes the platform easy to use for anybody who may show interest in creating practical marketing designs by following just a few design steps. Social Studio FX uses a high precision point and click technology meaning that any given graphical ad can be created to its desired accuracy and size

I also love inbuilt templates found on Social Studio FX. The models cover 23 business niches, and their presence makes any ad design process to happen at a relatively faster pace which can take as little as 60 seconds. I would like to thanks to experienced design professionals who have created the templates available from Social Studio FX, and that means they can easily live up the design expectations many consumers do have. Besides, 14,000+ stock images and icons provided have unlimited usage, and also cover different thoughts a designer may want to convey.

The support team is easy to access and provide full software training and other functionalities for anybody who may request such service extensions. Another benefit of Social Studio FX is that the platform awards 50MB image and design storage space at no extra cost and is also secure, meaning that any design stored here can’t be lost.

Next huge benefit which I love is that Social Studio FX instantly share of any of my creative designs I have created on popular platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, and so much more. The platform also has a watermark engine that designers can use to protect any of their work from malicious copyright intents.

The many features condensed in a platform that boasts of an interface that is easy to navigate makes Social Studio FX ideal for coming up with creative impressions.

KC's Social Studio FX review

I am just a newbie in digital marketing and one of my challenges are good content and better graphics that goes with it. Even if my content is good, I wouldn't be able to convey it if the graphics aren't good and eye-catching enough to be noticed by my readers and followers. Paying for graphics design is just too costly for start-ups like me.

Thankfully, I got across Social Studio Fx. Because of its simplicity, versatility, multiple templates, lots of very good graphics and images, and fully drag-and-drop feature, even a non-techie like me has been able to create and design amazing social media graphics like a breeze.

Before, I would struggle on how my graphics should look like and spend a lot for graphic design. Now, with Social Studio Fx, it's just as easy as 1-2-3: (1) Log-in to my computer, (2) create and design in few minutes, and (3) download.

This amazing software has been saving me a lot of time, effort, and hundreds of dollars. And the best part of it, is the fact that it can unleash our creativity and let us create the graphic designs just the way we want it to.

I'm so thankful to Social Studio Fx. And I'm so loving it. Will definitely definitely definitely recommend.

I can’t imagine life without Social Studio FX

Social Studio FX is a really great program with which I can prepare and start every imaginable marketing campaign. Whether I want to be active in Facebook, in Pinterest, in Youtube or all the other important social media platforms. I do not need to worry about the dimensions of ads or banners or photos.

I choose only the kind of social categories, get a lot of great templates and edit them. I get many good ideas at the same time through the prepared templates.

A huge time saver.

What can I say, I love Social Studio FX

A real Game-Changer

Social Studio FX rocks! It makes my life so much easier, saves tons of time and creates beautiful posts to all my Social Media sites. Quick and easy to use, beautiful customizable templates ... a real game-changer!

Social Studio FX: Great for all Social Platforms!

I have been using Social Studio FX for creating custom images for my FanPages and it's been the best experience ever.

This software allows so much flexibility. I have created great cover photos for my FanPages in very simple and few steps


I recommend Social Studio FX for all your social platforms images needs.

Social Studio FX Does Virtually All The Thinking & Work For Me

I absolutely love Social Studio FX because it virtually does all the thinknig and work for me. I used to find it hard to remember what image demensions I need to optimize my marketing. Now I have "old reliable" Social Studio FX.

Thanks to you and your team, Jimmy, for your continued information.

Hitting 2017 Running!!

I needed a piece of software that I could have readily available that was simple enough to use but yet offer a variety of creativity that pushed me ahead of the competition. I'm getting ready to start a new Marketing/Promotional style for my Team and I'm definitely staying away from the Old Cookie cutter way of doing things!! Social Studio FX in my opinion is the platform that will take me to that next level each and every time. This is definitely going to be a STRONG year for us!!

Brilliant tool for your social presence or social ad campaigns...

If you design most of your graphics with tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and others, you might find this approach a bit time consuming. Especially when it comes to the ever changing myriad of different sizes and dimensions for your social presence. Social Studio FX solves this with it's easy to navigate and up-to-date array of templates. You get a full overview of all available image sizes for all posts and ad types for each of the most commonly used social networks, and also for the most commonly used web banner sizes.

You do always have the option to start each project from scratch with your own graphics and designs, or you can use one of the pre designed templates as starting point. Editing is quick and easy and you have a lot of options. The pre designed templates provided are of high quality and can also be used as an idea bank for your social marketing projects.

I love products that is as well thought out and implemented as this one. It's a real time saver tool for anyone doing any line of work online. Who doesn't need size optimized images and/or ads for their social presence or ad campaigns on social networks...?

My four stars are for the first version of Social Studio FX. When you read this review, the software will have gone through a massive overhaul and upgrade, and will easily be worth a full five-star rating. I do also have other softwares from the developers, and they have a solid track record of commitment to further development and improvements of their softwares They are also quick to help out if you should hit an occasional bump or roadblock. I'll give my full recommendations on this one... :)

Social Studio FX is my go to image suite!

I have been using Social Studio FX since July 2016 and I love it. Whether you want high quality images for your social media profiles and content or high quality banner for your website this product has you covered. The results are high quality and highly customizable. Check it out, I did and I love it..

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